UNIVERSE GRAVITY (gravity of the universe)

UNIVERSE GRAVITY (gravity of the universe)

Gravity is a universal fundamental interaction between material bodies, interference of light and forms. Smooth deflections, symbolizing a double beginning in nature and are what we embodied in every detail of this project. Universe gravity is a space that immerses us in the depths of our own fantasies.

The space created by the design bureau “ArtStudio”, like an unexplored surface of the planet in a solar galaxy, causes a storm of emotions, immersing in the depths of their own fantasies. Smooth deflections in art objects, furniture and lighting, which form the intersection of reservoirs, symbolize a double beginning in nature. A short story about how roads in this world intersect to form a portrait of the customer based on internal gravity.

Competent zoning of space is the basis of our plans. On the ground floor there is a spacious living room with an incredible view of the forest. The second light increases the amount of natural light and visually expands the space. The dining area, with a warm atmosphere, both in the living room by the fireplace in the winter evening and on the terrace, invites you to enjoy a wonderful dinner with loved ones.

A coffee table in the living room and a console with an art object in the hallway have become the central vector of the concept, and large panoramic windows create an atmosphere of a single space with nature without creating barriers. The restrained brilliance in the details and the marble stairs connecting the levels of the house became the main heroine of the hallway space.

The project reflects the internal portrait of customers with all wishes. Universe gravity is a space that emphasizes the fantasy curves of our inner world and is a manifestation of our individuality.