Natural vibrations

“Natural vibrations” are the most subtle form of energy that we generate in the surrounding space.  Different objects of nature in close proximity influence each other and bring a new sound to the spectrum of energy they emit.
This is the case with our project “Natural vibrations”, which helps you to immerse yourself in your inner world. The modern interior, free of unnecessary details, gains warmth thanks to the abundance of wood, leather, and soothing brown colors. Natural stone and leather, brushed metal, modern art – this is how our new interior was born in our style, lively and cozy!With a favorable open plan, the key question arises – how to functionally combine the living and dining areas to maximize the decorative possibilities of the space? For luxurious lunches and dinners in a pleasant company, we have arranged the dining group so that each guest has a pleasant view of the living room and the landscape from all sides, which can be admired through the panoramic windows.
The fireplace is made of a solid slab of marble, made elegantly, but at the same time it has a monumental look.
During the day, light enters the living room through the panoramic windows, and in the evening, designer sconces, exquisite chandeliers and floor lamps light up the room, adding new shapes to each room.The master bedroom embodies the concept of “quiet luxury”. It is everywhere: in suede and polished brass, in wooden furniture, in a tinted mirror, in stone-like textures, in lamps that resemble the sunrise or the moon shining mysteriously at night.
Continuing the general concept, the children’s rooms combine modern details, natural colors and textured fabrics. We have made the rooms laconic and stylish, not indicating the age of their inhabitants at the request of our clients.
The study supports the overall mood of the interior. Dynamically patterned veneer behind the velvet-trimmed desk, accent decor and comfortable furniture make the workspace functional and stylish.
The interior of the “Natural vibrations” project turned out to be very sophisticated and especially cozy. We always find an individual approach to our customers that reflects their character and lifestyle.