Forest awakening

Object: Residential building
Area: 170 m2
Implementation: 2021

“Forest awakening” – is an aroma of fresh young pine trees mixed with the smell of rotten fir-needles and moss.

Gorgeous house in the forest with interior style inspired by natural and modern forms – it is what can be said about our new project “Forest awakening”. Light fog like light tulle makes everything dim. The feeling is as if the world has lost its saturation and colour, as if the morning has already come but the night hasn’t let you go of its arms yet.

Wooden, ceramic and black details highlight practical use of the kitchen that pays your attention in the common space. In the living-room there is a comfortable couch with a separate adjacent module for a coffee table at which one can spend time with the family or to work.

Deep plot despite the minimalistic space and form laid down in the project «Forest awakening», has contributed the lighting elements and texture of textiles and fabric covering of furniture. Each lamp like the sun that peeked out over the horizon has touched the tops of the trees, having woken up the finches, that had been sleeping in the intertwined branches of a pine tree.

Colour spectrum of our project is using the exceptionally calm natural colours. Overflows of herbal shades from the ground floor move on the next floor in sunny warm shades like a sunbeam which is seen through pine trees.

Gorgeous interior of the house near the forest is made in the style inspired by natural details and modern forms.