Object: Residential building
Area: 278 m2
Implementation: 2021

Mascara-2 is an unknown planet, the atmosphere of which is so hot that
the air contains hot metals. Equally unknown is our project of a luxurious house near the forest, where the style of the interior, inspired by natural atmospheric details and modern forms of distant unknown planets. The main element of the project is a green stone, which symbolizes energy and inspiration.

The created space of the design bureau “ArtStudio” immerses us in everything an unexplored space of a new planet filled with air and magical light. Our Studio’s unique approach to the project allows us to create a living, unlike other spaces atmosphere, which becomes one with the environment of the landscape.

An incredible, large layer, in the living room above the sofa, forms an area the rest of the family, like a weightless stream of light floating in the air, covered with barely perceptible reliefs. Natural themes are reflected in our unique style. Exquisite wood and velvet, stunning marble and white pattern
reliefs, create a warm atmosphere in the living room, filled with comfort and unknown flows of gravity.

Stunning art objects are made of laminated glass, with overflows of cosmic colors that take your breath away for a moment, like the portals of the afterlife. Luxurious bed in a bedroom with a decorative headboard – an integral part of our project space, which brings not only peace and harmony but also a stream of filling the energy field of each of the customers.

When creating the Mascara-2 project, we preferred non-modern ones trends and currents of style, and lifestyle and inner content customers, their hobbies and interests. It is the individuality of customers, reflected in our unique the Mascara-2 project, which created the design, is timeless