Wind of freedom

Title: Wind of freedom
Object: House of 227m2
Implementation: 2020

One of the main trends in modern life is the desire for environmental friendliness, which is manifested not only in people’s concern for a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, but also in the desire to create the most environmentally friendly and comfortable home for themselves and their families.

Vitagrad is an elite housing in the suburbs of the capital. It is an organic architecture based on the idea of ​​harmony between man and the world around him.

Our main task was to emphasize this idea and create an interior that reflects the inner world of the person who is in it, to recreate full integration with nature and add playful notes.

The choice of style was obvious. Eco-minimalism is a lifestyle, a style whose idea is embedded in the name itself. This is not only the proximity to nature and natural materials, but also the mutual harmony of all elements of the house, up to furniture and decor. It is a style that emphasizes individuality, elegance and conciseness. A style that translates lifestyle.