Breath of peaks – ARTSTUDIO

Breath of peaks

Object: Residential building
Area: 206 m2
Implementation: 2022

“Breath of peaks” is an incredible beauty, power, mystery and will. When you see the edges of the mountains from afar, there is no such feeling of admiration, but it is only necessary to approach the foot, you immediately understand all the power, all the scale and inner peace.

This is how our new Breath of Peaks project can be described. Through years of practice, we have learned to anticipate your deepest desires. The concept of unity with nature is not only in the picturesqueness of the house and the natural design of the facades, but also in the materials, textures, shapes, colors that we use to create space in the interior.

Different lighting scenarios make the living room interior even more modern, functional and stylish. Spacious living room with panoramic windows, divided into many small secluded areas: you can sit comfortably on the sofa by the fireplace and enjoy reading your favorite book or gather with family and friends. Also in the living room, we have provided a very functional kitchen under the stairs with an island for cooking and eating, and closer to the sofa placed a dining table, which blends very harmoniously with the texture of the floor and is not accentuated in the room.

The color scheme of our project in natural calm tones. Thanks to pastel and natural shades and the play of textures in textiles and finishing materials, the overall concept of the house turned out to be incredibly light, stylish and cozy.

Furniture without bright contrasting colors, compact and functional and at the same time fit perfectly into the overall space of the house. The project “Breath of peaks” turned out to be very light, functional, airy, in which every detail of the interior evokes vivid emotions.