Sea ​​breeze

Object: Apartment
Area: 202 m2
Implementation: 2020

The customer set the task: to organize a common space for the whole family, use natural materials, make the apartment spacious and free it from unnecessary things – everything a person needs in a big city.

This is how the idea of ​​our new project “Sea breeze” came about – an apartment located in the city center. Characteristic features of the interior – is a space filled with light, functional and cozy at the same time. Each element that fills the interior of this apartment immerses you in the atmosphere of the blue shore of the endless ocean, lazily rolling low waves on the sand.

The kitchen-living room is divided into two zones – a cooking and eating area and a relaxation area by the fireplace. The ceiling is very minimalistic with different lighting scenarios, which allows you to create the right atmosphere in the room. Against the backdrop of a bright interior, the play of textures, shapes and light looks luxurious, which clearly emphasizes the idea of ​​our concept.

Sea Breeze apartment design is an interior where every detail is filled with functional and decorative content, and together they tell a single, wonderful story.