Realization: 2016

The most difficult task for any designer is to satisfy the tastes of all family members and at the same time create a complete, functional and beautiful interior. The apartment was designed for a married couple with two sons, who have different national roots: mom – Ukrainian, and dad – a Turk. Thus, we have a modern international interior with oriental elements. The living room was created to the taste of the head of the family, it combines a kitchen, dining room and guest area. Shiny glossy surfaces, chrome plumbing, as well as a large number of lights give the room a truly luxurious look.

The two-tone bedroom looks respectable and cozy, at the request of the hostess there are classic notes. The abundance of daylight thanks to the large window and classic curtains gives the atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The nursery is intended for two very active boys. Its interior is made in bright colors, made of environmentally friendly materials. The room is very functional, it includes workplaces, a recreation area and a sports corner.

The bathroom for a large family is spacious and bright thanks to the abundance of lighting. The interior of the bathroom is made in pastel colors, with a large number of smooth surfaces adds shine to the environment. It is not an easy task to unite the very diverse tastes of her family in one apartment. But our designers have coped with it, creating a cozy and, at the same time, unusual interior.