Interior design in Kyiv

The interior is an architectural and artistic design of the space, which provides a person with comfortable living conditions.

To date, the first step before building and renovating a house is to choose its style and interior design – because it depends on the atmosphere of the room and your mood.

Our design studio is ready to present to your attention different interior ideas in different styles: high-tech, avant-garde, eco-style, vintage, minimalism, country, classic, fusion, pop art, country, etc.

At the heart of any design is a combination of pragmatic ideas and artistic solutions aimed at improving human living conditions and meeting aesthetic needs.

The interior consists of three components: frame – walls, floor and ceiling; filling – furniture, appliances, decor; functional processes that affect the overall comfort of man.

An important point in the arrangement of a new apartment in Kyiv is that the team of builders and designers must interact with each other.

Therefore, it is best to order interior design from a contractor for repair and design work. Ordering the design of the apartment in Art-Studio, you will receive a reliable plan for repair work and are confident in the success of their implementation.

Before starting repairs, our designers develop computer visualizations that help you see the big picture. Lots of natural light – the result of competent redevelopment.

The designer’s work also includes the selection and completion of an apartment in Kyiv with finishing materials or the author’s support of finishing works. All this affects the duration and cost of the design project. The cost of work depends on many other factors, such as the purpose of the premises, area, volume of work performed.

Today, many people try to make repairs with their own hands in order to save money. But if you end up wanting to achieve a quality and fast result, we recommend that you seek the help of professionals and professionals who work in Art-Studio.

Taking into account all your wishes, our designers will develop an individual design, help to think through all the details, select the necessary building materials and decor elements.

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