Big soul in a small apartment

Realization: 2016

An apartment with a total area of 30m2 is an example of how a small room can be quite functional and comfortable for a young couple.

The interior design of a small apartment is not an easy task. Often, some design agencies refuse to perform this kind of work because of the so-called unprofitability. But the designers of “ART-STUDIO” in this project showed not only their professional qualities, but also put a piece of their soul into it.

Using several competent design techniques, we managed to achieve ergonomics, comfort and dynamics in the interior of this housing. We have done everything possible so that every corner here performs several functions at the same time!

In our work, we tried not to overload the space with unnecessary objects, but at the same time we relied on several bright details, each of which has its own role in the interior.

Despite the lack of squaring, we managed to divide the space into zones and complement them with functional furniture.


Just as a theater begins with a hanger, so any home begins with a hallway.
We freed the entrance to the apartment from unnecessary items and left only the most necessary things: a large mirror along the wall, an ottoman in which you can hide unnecessary things, a wall hanger and a small built-in wardrobe.
Particular attention here should be paid to the harmonious combination of all the details.


In the recreation area, we placed a very comfortable sofa, with a bar counter adjacent to it. It also provides an extra bed, and this, for example, will allow the owners to show their hospitality to a late guest. As you know, bright details distract from the small size of the room, in our case, this is an accent wall, a clock, a red chair at the bar counter, and other decorative elements.


The layout of this apartment allows you to combine two rooms at once: a living room and a kitchen. As a result, we got a single space for communication with our family and friends, where everyone has enough space and no one feels isolated.

The kitchen has everything you need: work surface, stove, oven, sink, refrigerator and washing machine. Here is a large dining table, over which an original chandelier is suspended.

We tried to ensure that any meal in this house was held in a cozy and friendly atmosphere.


Near the dining table is a wall that separates the kitchen from the bed, so that it allows the young couple to retire. We left the wall with shelves half empty to avoid cluttering the space, leaving only decorative flower pots and a few books. The trick of this technique lies in the fact that the gaze does not rest on a solid wall and the sun’s rays pass through it, thus the room seems to have a continuation and seems not so cramped.

To make the bedroom look as spacious and comfortable as possible, we used light warm colors.

Adhering to a certain concept in the interior, the original design decision was to decorate the walls with phrases that have a certain message.

The headboard of the bed is equipped with small lamps. Their location is quite convenient for reading books or magazines, but the subdued lights create a rather relaxing intimate environment.

The bedside wall is made of a material that resembles “jeans” or denim, symbolizing youth, crazy energy and freedom.


In pursuit of additional free space, it is advisable to use a compact shower stall and a small narrow sink. Their ergonomics allow you to free up space without depriving the owners of comfort.

As you can see, a small apartment is not a sentence. The main thing is to properly organize the space, and then in your modest nest you can comfortably live, work, gather friends and arrange family gatherings.