Object: Cafe
Area: 103 m2
Implementation: 2021

Una casual cafe – family café of a big city getting into which one can slow down, put things on hold and enjoy a cup of aromatic made with a dessert coffee, to drink a glass of wine or sparkling wine.

Already after the first visit a guest will feel at home as it is always light, warm and very cosy.

“UNA” – is the focus on the national character, customs and traditions. With its help one can not just create a unique original atmosphere but also to talk about the symbols with the help of characteristic elements of furniture, décor and textile.

“CASUAL CAFE” – is first of all the atmosphere. And interior design is one of its the most important elements. It remains in the memory of a quest along with the kitchen and the service. The interior should evoke emotions and impressions, desire to discuss it. It plays one of the main roles in the issue whether you would like to come back to the café one more time or to talk about it to friends and acquaintances. We had a task to create the interior of the café which it merges the menu in comfort food style – laconic which consists of already familiar and favorite dishes in modern presentation, the main cooking principle of which is use of fresh season farmer products and cosy design with home atmosphere. Taste and serving food, interior, play of light, textures and accents has greatly completed the general concept.

Two halls are mutually joined and smoothly flow one into another. In the first hall luxurious bar zone with panoramic window case, places for companies on soft textured sofas and compact places with built in decorative wall panels tables are dominating. In the second part of the hall there are zones with a table for family dinner or for big companies.

Besides, there is no a single table in “UNA” which recurs – all seating places are incredibly cosy and comfortable with different zones for accommodation of quests. Comfort for visitors is the key factor on which to rely while designing the cafe interiors.