Object: Restaurant
Area: 140 m2
Implementation: 2021

The project about the modern and cosmopolitan Paris located in the very heart of Kyiv – new residential complex “Frantsuskiy kvartal”.

Modern rhythm of life is so quick and saturated that we don’t have time for ourselves. But the moment comes when we need to stop, relax and let yourself free. To rest in the place where one can talk with admiration to friends and close people, drink a glass of champagne on the terrace, have an aromatic croissant with coffee or drink a cocktail with friends.

“ArtStudio” design bureau has created the space, the basis of which is cosmopolitanism, a restaurant in which they cook on special grill and there is a spirit of French atmosphere in each detail.

It is combined in the interior a lot of details, forms and textures. One of the brightest accents of the interior is a bar. It is the main accent at the entrance of the restaurant which joins an open kitchen and places with possibility of seating people. The restaurant is divided into different eating zones with different scenarios of lighting. There are eating zones for small companies as well as for family festy dinner.

In wall decoration the brass inserts add sophistication and highlight wood texture and embossed wall deco baguettes made in modern decoration which can also be found in table top ends, lamps, fitting on mirrors.

The project of our French braseri is space which unites people around it, evokes sincere emotions and opens all the curtains in front of its guests, who can watch all the cooking processes, which happen in the kitchen.

It is a restaurant that creates something of its own, value democracy and real atmosphere of France in each detail of its realization.