Work on planning a new kitchen

When working on planning a new kitchen, many people primarily care about aesthetics, forgetting that convenience and basic safety are more important. What are the principles of ergonomics of the kitchen

1. Placement of furniture. Functional zones
2. Area of ​​visibility of all necessary elements of the kitchen.
3. Security.

The photo shows the kitchen of our project “HEARTH”

Creating it, we followed all the principles and as a result got the most comfortable and functional space.

At the same time, we, of course, also took care of aesthetics and beauty. The work area turned out very bright and comfortable.

The special charm of the kitchen gives the sofa in gray tones with lots of colorful pillows. There are many houseplants in the room, which are a bright accent and create a warm atmosphere.

Here you want to spend time at family dinners or intimate conversations with friends, and therefore – the goal is achieved.

Create the right atmosphere and the house of your dreams with us. For all services of the studio:
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