Moneyveo office

Object: Moneyveo office on 3142 m2
Category: Office design
Implementation: 2020

The Moneyveo office is located in the center of Kyiv and is built in a modern style with a modern landscape. The building has almost all panoramic windows with black frames and perfectly even white walls, which makes for an ideal foundation. Therefore, we decided to keep their original appearance. And also the brilliant work of the architects, who thought through all the details of the buildings near the office in detail, provides a vector for the interior design of the premises.

Despite the fact that Moneyveo has its own standards in both colors and shapes, we designed the office – modern. This is a place to work for a large number of people who teach a colossal amount of strength and energy to really enjoy. We sought to avoid the feeling of everyday gray office space and stretched an invisible thin thread in the office concept that supports everyone at any moment.

Therefore, in the Greeneo project, there are no identical chairs in the interior, placed in a row or standard planning that protects people from communicating with each other. All the furniture in the areas for negotiations and recreation is different. All the details work towards a common goal – to make employees feel like they are visiting their friends.

Each floor is designed individually, with different functional areas and taking into account the interests of workers.
We used a lot of abstract drawings on the walls and non-standard solutions in the decor and design of the Play Station, Meeting room, dining room and other areas, because it’s not the standard that attracts, I want to consider the details.

Each zone of the Meeting room with an individual name, as well as design.
The play of textures and colors of floor coverings and walls emphasizes and continues the conceptual solution and the name of each department. The Moneyveo office project is a modern space with functional and creative solutions, always one step ahead.


Singapore (meeting room)

Dining room