Object name: “Hearth”
Object: an apartment of 50 m2
Location: Kyiv, White Chocolate Residential Complex
Implementation: 2017

Scandinavian motifs in the interior of “Hearth”

Scandinavian style came to us from countries with long nights, harsh winters and lack of sunlight. A large number of light shades, minimalism and natural tones – the best choice in such an interior. Despite some identity, it is difficult to find a person who would be indifferent to the Scandinavian style.

Naturalness and conciseness in “Hearth”

The owners of this apartment are a father, mother and teenage son. Another member of the family is a cat that feels quite comfortable in the home, where simplicity and lightness, conciseness and harmony are combined in each element. Apartment owners prefer luxury, choosing a cozy, comfortable environment.

The main goal of the designer in creating a Scandinavian interior:

Maximum provision of natural light. Even in a small space, the windows should be large.
White shades are another trick of the designer to fill the apartment with light. Therefore, such tones were chosen for the walls and ceiling.
Darker but warm beige and gray palette as an accent for the seating area. In this way the sun’s rays are reflected from the light surfaces and fill the whole room with cozy reflections.
Use of natural materials and their imitation. Wood, leather, fur, textiles are in tune with Scandinavian motifs and perfectly complement the design.

Properly designed design allows you to maintain a sense of space, even in a small room, where each area is functional and comfortable.


Here is a complete compliance with the Scandinavian style. Interesting combination of natural materials (fur and woven bedspreads, linen curtains) with decorative elements. Paintings in light colors with abstract images and geometric shapes provide an accent for each area.

An unusual pattern on the wall near the bed creates the illusion of a starry sky. Some of the coldness of the floor is softened by the original chair made of wooden beds, which hangs on chains that are fixed under the ceiling. The luminaires are arranged in such a way as to maintain comfort and optimal lighting.

Live plants in tubs and vases, tall candlesticks, floor coverings in soft beige shades, ceramic figurines – every detail is carefully thought out, all together create the same harmony that fills the family hearth.


In this room the same white shades, thanks to which the kitchen is filled with light. There are both ultra-modern and decorative elements that mimic antiquity: brick walls, vintage decor, laconic lamps. The furniture is simple and functional, but extremely comfortable.

The special charm of the kitchen gives the sofa in gray tones with lots of colorful pillows. There are many houseplants in the room, the bright greenery of which is a special accent and creates a warm atmosphere. Here you want to spend a long time at a family dinner or a heartfelt conversation with friends.


The hall and the kitchen are united by a common element: the design of the walls in the form of tree trunks, which again reminds of Scandinavian nature. And in this room furniture with clear lines, many compartments for clothes and shoes. Live plants in small pots on the shelves bring the charm of the winter forest, and spot systems on the ceiling illuminate every corner of the hall. The bathroom is dazzling white, but this room has comfort and warmth. Gray shades of tiles in the form of hexagons on the walls visually make the space larger. Originally thought-out design of a niche for a wash basin. Wooden finishes, a large mirror and pendant lights provide lightness and ease. The interior of “Heart” is first of all practicality, but with the maximum comfort. There is no place for luxury and whimsy, the apartment, as a reflection of the character of the owners, conveys all the beauty of the Scandinavian style. It is filled with laconic elements and light, and amazingly cozy.