Green line

Object: Residential building
Area: 137 m2
Implementation: 2021

The green line is the opposite of the “red line”. Everyone knows about the red, but they forgot about the green. This project reminds everyone of this.
Green line is the space in which you need to be. This is a space of harmony, conciseness and proximity to the natural environment.

It was these moments that the ArtStudio design bureau adhered to when developing this project for married couples with two adult sons. Everyone expressed their wishes and wanted to bring their vision in order to get a comfortable, pleasant and appropriate atmosphere in this house as a result of the rhythm of their life.

A green sofa and a fireplace were chosen as the central elements of the ensemble of furniture and decor, which the whole family would like to have, and massive wood, light marble and dark natural stone, as symbols of each of the family members. Moderate luxury adds a moderate amount of gold in the decoration, and large panoramic windows instantly unite with nature.

Taking into account modern needs and requirements of the time, a comfortable kitchen was designed, where the family can have breakfast together, as well as a large table for treating friends. The master bedroom has a large private area. For the owner, an office where he can work in silence and focus on strategic things, while the sons have their own separate atmosphere, which is most suitable for them at the moment.

Everywhere the wishes of everyone are taken into account and connected with the green color of development and environmental friendliness.

Viva la vita.
Team design bureau “ArtStudio”.