Object: Residential building
Area: 167 m2
Implementation: 2021

“Peace of mind” is the main component in shaping the space of our project “Forest tranqulity”.

Our new project “Forest tranqulity” is the dream of every countryman. Forest areas bring joy with their picturesque appearance and provide a healthy microclimate around the house.

The space created by the ArtStudio design bureau immerses you in comfort, serenity and tranquility, combining the interior and exterior as one. When we enter the house, we have a view of the kitchen and terrace. The front door is made of glass inserts, which allows the sun’s rays to penetrate into the hallway and fill the house with warmth and comfort.

The kitchen-dining room is combined into a single space using natural materials. The floor with streaks that turn into a dining table, create an imitation of a cut of wood that has shaped these patterns for years.
The living room is decorated and a great place for family evenings is the fireplace, located in an area where the whole family can gather to watch movies over a cup of warm cocoa. From the kitchen-dining room you can go out on the terrace and enjoy a cup of coffee in the fresh air in the morning.

The foundation for a measured and calm atmosphere in the house are the colors of decoration – light, natural and natural: beige, blue, olive. They create a calm home atmosphere in the interior.

“Forest tranqulity” is a space that will delight its residents every day, because everything here is thought out to the smallest detail, taking into account all the wishes of customers.